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WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT - 06 month 07 year 2016

Wishing to develop information technology platform in general and software in particular in the Vietnam market, companies 3EX Asia agreed and launched construction services and development of Web-based applications.

We provide our customers with software that runs on a web platform for the management and optimal exploitation of the resources of the business including management software, such as:
- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
- Human Resource Management (HRM)
- Financial Management (Finance)
- Manage tasks and projects (PMS)
- Accounting (Accounting)
- Logistics Management
-    Production manager
- ...
With web applications, the flexibility allows users no need to install software to use that just opened in a browser application is available on your computer to start the operation.
Web applications allow managers to have access to track jobs and view reports wherever you quickly and does not depend on the human being at the office.
In parallel with the development of mobile technology, web application is also a solution that can be used on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, ... without having to install any part any software.
The convenience and the ability to meet user friendly web applications also allow businesses can easily manage and update enterprise data quickly and flexibly on all environmental use.

Base Price


How we work with you?


Start from your project, when you send to us your requirements for the new web application, we will start to estimate with the requirement you've sent.

Estimation by Function Point: The base function to estimate is login form. As we understand, the basic login form is 1 function point (FP)

With the list of functions in your requirement, we will estimate each function as Function Points we will work

For common web application, 1 FP = 4 working hours (this can be changed by technique requirements for the web application)

An example for a web application:

Big Function Small Function Estimate (Function Point)
Register Register 4
Login Login via user 1
Login via gmail 1
Login via facebook 1
Docs Search a doc 2
List doc 3
Download a doc 4
Show a doc 4

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