ABOUT US - 14 month 09 year 2016

5 core values ​​at 3EX:

1. Professional: Professional Environment will inspire strong work with the entire staff and customer comments. 3EX always aim to build a professional work environment, basically on every step, every work from the smallest

2. Quality: The quality of products and services always decide the survival of the company. 3EX is committed to providing products and best service to our customers. The smooth operation of the product decides success or failure of 3EX.

3. Creativity: The work always creative, 3EX encourage its members creative work. Creativity will create powerful innovation in the company as well as the company's own customers

4. Learning: To move vigorously and sustainable development, 3EX willing to learn from partners, customers, even the company's own members. 3EX created environment is constantly learning from members to provide the most perfect service.

5. Responsibility: Commitment to quality of service and responsibility go hand in hand with the work always focuses 3EX. We are always responsible for their assigned tasks, successful completion of each task to bring the smallest customer satisfaction, partners and members of the company.


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